Charter Cable

Role: Art Director  Director: Geordie Stephens

A campaign for the deregulated energy market in Texas, where home owners shopped for the best electricity rates periodically. Cirro Energy wanted to own the only thing consumers cared about. Rates. Low rates. Duh!

Cirro Energy

Role: Art Director / Creative Director  Director: Harold Einstein


Role: Art Director Photographer: Bonnie Holland

Once upon a time, Michaels decided to try some ads, in addition to the weekly sales sheet. I was tasked with solving the print for the “Imaginate” campaign. I built elaborate comps in Photoshop (bottom right) which were later executed by building detailed sets using materials found in the store. Loads of fun.

Lucky Monkey Zoo

Role: Creative DIrector / Art Director Photographer: Tom Hussey

A photographer wanted to shoot some animals for his book. I found a petting zoo, and a concept, for him.


Kiran Koshy

Creative Director