| Director
/ Extended Reel
/ Comedy : Visual Storytelling

HomeVestors - Tilted

Atomic Candy - Explore

Latke vs. Hamantash

USA Table Tennis

Amazon FireTV - Pinned

MeatsDayOff.org PSA

Amazon FireTV - Slobber

/ Comedy : Dialogue

AmericanEagle.com - Conversion Rate

AmericanEagle.com - Launch

McD Indonesia - Taste Of Japan (Remote)

AmericanEagle.com - Uncluttered

HEB FAVOR - Reality TV

AmericanEagle.com - Nothing Gets By

HEB FAVOR - The Chef

/ Automotive

Infiniti - Kevin

Bridgestone - Dentist

Nissan GTR - The Meter

Bridgestone - Spill

Bridgestone - Airport

/ Kids, Critters
Notes: I wrote, shot, and cut this with two agency creatives, without a crew of any sort, using kids from our circle of friends, and our own. The 2020 election was my first as a US citizen and I felt compelled to do something about the specter of a second Trump term.

WhiteHatJr - Elves

ChickFilA - Muddy Puddles

HalloweenCostumes.com - Astronaut

ChickFilA - Luciano Ungulato

Day Without A Woman PSA

Organic Doggie Treats - Kumquats

Notes: I shot and edited this at home during the first month of the worldwide COVID lockdown for my production company in Malaysia, Directors Think Tank, for a client in Malaysia. I cast my daughter, Ambika, and my dog, Nigel, and there was no crew involved for obvious reasons. My son helped with the bounce and the dog training.